Welcome to Peru

The third largest country in South America and certainly one of the most culturally and geographically diverse, Peru has a rich and almost magical history that has followed it into the 21st century.

At more than 1.2 million square-kilometers in size, the democratic republic of Peru is home to about 27 million residents. About three-quarters of the country is considered urban in nature - including the wonderful capital city of Lima - while other portions are much less metropolitan and often quite remote.

Indeed, Peru’s biodiversity is fascinating. Divided into three regions – coast, jungle, and highlands – the country is a treat to explore and visitors will experience dramatic changes as they make their way from one region to the next.

From beaches and deserts to mountainous areas dominated by the Andes and lush tropical regions surrounding the mighty Amazon River, the country truly has something for every traveler, from those who prefer a vacation spent lounging on the sand, to guests who come to see the country’s World Heritage Sites like Machu Picchu and Cusco, to the extreme tourist who wants to spend his days climbing the mountains or paddling the rivers of this South American gem.

Of course, the people of Peru add to the beauty and diversity of the country as well. Throughout the centuries, indigenous peoples have been joined by a host of immigrants from other parts of the world, including Europeans, Africans, and Asians, making the country a true melting pot offering a variety of cultural experiences.

The people of Peru are quite a religious lot as well. Nearly ninety percent of the country practices Roman Catholicism but a tolerance for all religions is present and important religious holidays are usually celebrated with much fervor.

To all of this, add Peru’s burgeoning tourist infrastructure, which completes the package by providing excellent hotels, restaurants, and other amenities that visitors seek while traveling through this amazing country. Rarely does anyone go home disappointed!

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